Condition Assessments & Investigations

A major part of our building envelope consulting services consists of inspections, reviews and assessments. At Strata Engineering, we firmly believe that a thorough assessment of a specific defect is the premise for any good solution. Our building envelope condition assessments are professional, yet competitively priced.

A building envelope condition assessment is first undertaken to investigate the cause of deficiencies within the building envelope. The building envelope condition assessment consists of a residential questionnaire, a detailed review of plans, maintenance records and visual reviews accompanied by specific testing.

Following the visual inspection and tests, recommendations are provided for the remediation of the specific deficiencies. Furthermore, a potential scope of work along with an opinion of cost for the management and design of the remediation project is provided.

Our scope of work and opinion of cost are delivered based not only from information within our own databases but also from different contractors, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

At Strata Engineering, we put the needs of our clients first. After years of serving strata corporations, our building envelope consulting service has evolved with the following characteristics:

NO generic solutions to common problems
  • We do not believe in generic solutions to common problems. We seek to find the most cost-effective method to suit the needs of the strata. All remediation solutions are put forth after a cost-benefit analysis.
Serving the people is just as important as servicing the building
  • We believe in serving stratas. Each strata is defined by its unique DNA (culture, history, and demographics). A strata is much more than the building itself. All of our proposals are made after a discussion with strata council members, maintenance managers, property managers, owners or any of the people within the strata. Our reports are not merely written to the strata, but are written for the strata, with the strata.
No job is too large or too small
  • We do not judge projects by their size. Projects of lesser value are treated with the same level of professionalism as our larger projects. Regardless of size, we constantly strive to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.


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Working with Strata Engineering has been great! The reports are very detailed but written for the average home owner to be able to understand. Very happy with the service and would recommend!

Pamela Zak, Strata Manager