2-5-10 Warranty Reviews

The 2-5-10 warranty is regulated by the HPA which sets the minimum standards of coverage, the commencement dates, and permissible exclusions and limits on coverage. A warranty review serves to ascertain the integrity of common properties within the period of coverage.

Standards of Coverage

15 Month.  Defects in materials and labour associated with the common property of strata corporations

2 Years.  Defect in materials and labour or delivery and distribution systems (electrical, plumbing, heating ventilation, air conditioning etc.)

5 Years.  Building envelope and water penetration

10 Years.  Structural defects

Obtaining a warranty review is often recommended prior to the expiry of each warranty coverage period. A warranty review is a written document prepared by a professional (preferably a engineering professional with a background in building sciences) that documents the integrity of common properties within the period of coverage and identifies any defects that may be covered under the warranty insurance.

Our Methodology

Background Investigation. Review of the maintenance records, building plans and all accessible documentation, followed by the administration of a residential questionnaire, to facilitate the identification of potential defects.

Inspection.  The experience and methods we have developed over the years, allow us to collect sufficient information about conditions of property components and assess the developer’s standards to which the assessed project was constructed.

During the on-site investigation, we implement testing methods that we carefully designed, to detect specific deficiencies covered under different warranties, without compromising accuracy or affecting the integrity of any components. 

Report Compilation.  Our report preparation stage involves analyzing the obtained information, creating a list of discovered defects, classification of findings into defects and deficiencies to be addressed by the Warranty Company and the Developer.

Warranty Claim & Follow Up.  Based on the defects and deficiencies listed in our report, we assist our clients with submission of the warranty claim and the remediation process if needed.


A warranty review performed prior the expiration of the warranty coverage, can significantly reduce future maintenance, repair and replacement costs.


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