Co-op Housing Grants & Retrofits

Strata Engineering is pleased to offer a full Co-op renewal consulting service, to help residents upgrade and refresh their ageing buildings; breathing new life into their communities. We are experts in both the technical and practical aspects of multi-family renewal projects. Partnering with communities from the contemplation stage through construction, we assess wants & needs through studies and hands-on community engagement. We create conscious budgets and technical designs, assisting with grant applications, engaging residents, overseeing construction, and simplifying the whole process for the ownership. 

A number of co-operative housing complexes are able to determine through the FCM Sustainable Affordable Housing Grant which assessments they are eligible to be funded for. These various assessments determine their qualification to be funded for grants ranging from building envelope & parkade restoration, to retrofits for more energy-efficient HVAC systems as well as windows and doors. These major projects can be some of the most expensive procedures a co-op will have to face during the course of its life. The engineering consultant, who will be chosen to oversee and guide the co-op through these programs play a significant part in assuring it’s a successful application and completion of restorative work.

 Assessment – What needs to be done?

Reporting to assess the condition of the building and uncover any upcoming needs the building may have.  There are four different types of reports that can be required:

  1. Building Condition Assessment – BCA –  General, non-invasive overview of building systems.  Used by CHFBC for financial planning if the Co-op is using them as financial planners
  2. Energy Audit – Co-ops are eligible for a grant of up to 80% on renewal projects through FCM (brochure attached); the energy audit is the baseline and feasibility review for energy use
  3. Building Envelope Condition Assessment – BECA – Invasive investigation used to fully define any envelope work that may need to be done and estimate possible rot damage for budgeting.
  4. Plumbing Investigation – To assess the current condition of the water distribution system and

 We focus on the water distribution and envelope as these are the components that have usually come to or surpassed the end of their lifespan. Through evaluating previous work that has been done, properties may or may not require these.  The results of these inspections are presented to co-op members as a “kick-off” point for work that many residents have been concerned about.

 Design – What exactly are we going to do?

Based on the above investigations, Strata Engineering will partner with Co-ops to create detailed engineering designs and specifications for the upcoming renewal.  We will also engage the membership to find out what their community wants from the renewal, rather than just the needs the assessments uncover. Through this synergy of wants and needs exploration, multiple options will be created so that cost savings can be explored without compromising community desire.  The final design will be presented to members for approval.

 Tender – What’s it going to cost?

Strata Engineering will put the design out to various hand-selected pre-qualified contractors for pricing and assist the Co-op to select the best company for the project. The prices from these tenders are used to create a finalized budget that can be used to seek lending approvals.

 Construction – Renew the Building

Strata Engineering will oversee the quality and budget for the project in conjunction with co-op board members. Through weekly quality inspections and documentation of installation, we help assist in decisions along the way and assure that the final product is up to the communities expectation