Energy Consulting

At Strata Engineering, we use a team of energy consultants with diverse backgrounds to provide and implement high-efficiency energy solutions. Our ASHRAE certified Consultants look at all aspects of energy consumption and loss.

What is ASHRAE Energy Auditing?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed standards and guidelines for performing energy audits on buildings. It is covered both commercial and residential existing building.
The main purpose of this level of audit is to find the yearly energy consumption of a building in compare with National Energy Usage intensity and provide Energy Conservation Measurements to reduce both energy consumption and GHG as well as cost of utility bills.

What is included?

 Building characterization

  • Descriptions for the building, including the state of the building as well as itemized list of components and current states of the existing energy systems will be provided

 Heating and Cooling System Evaluation

  • Catalogue standard nameplate data and find published equipment efficiency of all heating and cooling equipment

 Thermal assessment for building fenestration

  • Thermal scan from windows and doors and provide recommendation to reduce energy consumption

Electricity System Evaluation

  • Existing lighting description and provide general recommendation for new types and fixtures

Water system evaluation

  • Assessing water flow rate in suits and common areas including toilets and water fixtures and compare with bills and provide recommendation accordingly

Processing and deliverable

Strata Engineering will process all data that collected from site and utility bills to calculate current energy use and propose strategy for energy saving.

Energy modelling

We can provide energy modelling reports for both “Part Three” and “Part Nine” buildings.

Energuide Rating System

Natural Resource Canada is providing Energuide Rating System for homes to provide homeowners access information about the energy performance of their house. Strata Engineering can provide this label by doing energy auditing and modelling for existing house.

Step code compliance reports

In 2018 Province of British Columbia affirmed that all builders must deliver net-zero new construction by 2032. They also established a timeline to increase building energy performance.

Strata Engineering provides energy modelling for “Part Three” and “Part Nine” buildings. An Energy Advisor can provide both energy modelling and airtightness testing – the two compliance services needed. Registered Energy Advisors are third-party consultants who have been trained and licensed through their organization and Natural Resources Canada, and there are numerous registered in BC.

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