Building Envelope Consulting

Building envelope restoration is one of the largest and most expensive procedures most buildings will have to face during their course of life. The building envelope consultant, who is chosen to oversee such a project can play the most significant part in assuring it’s success.

Why Strata Engineering

Strata Engineering acts on it’s client’s behalf, to oversee the compliance and quality of the work and to fulfill the needs of each project.

Our building envelope consulting team consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in BC. We always aim to identify the most reliable, long lasting and cost effective solutions, customized for each building by implementing the following guidelines:

  • Flexibility. Effective change management is the key to flexibility. We spend much time designing the projects with our clients to ensure that a clear understanding of expectations is achieved by both sides. A clear understanding of expectations promotes flexibility as it allows changes in the earliest stages of construction, which is essential to keeping expenditures within budget.
  • Punctuality. Time is money. The importance of this principle cannot be over-emphasized. Much money is wasted due to prolonged or delayed projects. At Strata Engineering, we maximize efficiency without compromising quality, minimizing disruptions to our clients. This optimizes productivity on both sides.
  • Quality. We take pride in our work and don’t compromise on quality. Our procedures include quality assurance and peer reviews throughout each stage of the project.
  • Costs. By utilizing new technology in our process, we are able to improve communication, perform detailed documentation of each stage and reduce our efforts at the same time, ultimately increasing our efficiency. This allows us to be cost-effective and highly competitive with our pricing.
  • The Extra Mile. Following a project, we provide our client’s with a sustainable maintenance schedule that will increase the life expectancy of their building if followed.
Where to Start?

The first step of any repair or rehabilitation program is a building envelope condition assessment that includes but is not limited to the following components: roofs, balconies, windows and exterior doors, cladding (siding), membrane and any other waterproofing assemblies. Following the condition assessment investigation, Strata Engineering will design a tailored solution that is based on our findings and client’s feedback.

In response to the challenges facing building envelope related projects, we have designed a process that allows us to foresee, plan and oversee each stage and detail of our projects.


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Great, reliable company very service and detail oriented and most important they meet their deadlines and stay on budget. They are my go to Engineers.

Jason Scott, Strata Manager