Environmental Consulting

There can be a myriad of risks involved within a real estate transaction. Amongst the various value-added expenditures in the development of a property, environmental clean-up is usually the least-desired and anticipated. Environmental Site Assessments are conducted to assist in reducing the uncertainty regarding potential environmental liabilities and to provide a basis to determine whether further work on the property is required.

Our detailed investigations will allow prospective buyers to make informed decisions regarding property transactions. It will also identify baseline issues to existing owners, allowing them to be informed of the potential liabilities relating to their property or activity.

Environmental site assessments (Type 1) are usually required by entities ranging from banks to tenants. They are required for financing, permitting, leasing, property development etc. Regardless of the needs, our thorough site assessments examine all likelihood of land contamination and will satisfy the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Environment.


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