Piping, HVAC, & Mechanical

Our investigative process allows us to accurately judge the condition of the internal systems. Since many defects can occur from improper design or installation, our engineering team checks the specifications for the systems and verifies that installation was done correctly. If the design is found to be incorrect, Strata Engineering supplies proper design specifications for repair.

Even with proper installation and design, piping, HVAC, and mechanical systems will suffer from deterioration. At this stage, our team fits the scope of our investigation to the needs of our clients. For a warranty review, our professional team uses their experience in the field to perform non-intrusive testing. Condition assessments also require the team to obtain samples for microscopic examination of deterioration in the piping. Defects found are duly noted and our engineering team will find the cause of the problem so that we can provide lasting solutions for our clients.

 Mounds Formed by Corrosion

Following inspections, we translate the results into plans for the future, tailored to each project. Our Piping, HVAC, & Mechanical investigations allow clients to gain a better perspective on the condition of their property and provide them with long-term solutions. We also offer our services in helping clients with remediation or repair if needed.


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