NW2306 – Building Envelope Remediation Project

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Railings' Glass - Survey Results

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(Updated October 5)

Relevant Files:

Pre-Construction Handout: Construction Kick-Off Handout – NW2306CA18

Latest Site Meeting Minutes: 

       Notice COVID2019: Strata Engineering – COVID Construction Notice – N2306CA18

  • Notices:
    • Block 1 has completed guardrails and will be wrapped up once decision about the glass is made. Deficiency questionnaire will be sent after guardrails are fully installed
    • Please refrain from accessing balconies even after construction seems completed. Strata Engineering will issue notice when it is safe to access balconies again
    • Building Envelope work (siding, windows, and roof) is almost complete in Block 2. Last components are skylights, and guardrails. 
    • Demolition work is starting in Block 3. Residents of these units should follow Project First’s instructions in their notice
      • Pictures or delicate items that are against exterior walls, should be temporarily taken down until demolition is completed
      • While the scaffolding is set up, owners should stay diligent on keeping windows and patio doors locked after hours. All window coverings/curtains need to be removed
      • All belongings must be removed from your balcony to leave area completely cleared. Please note that you will have restricted access to your balcony during the duration of work
      • All items must be moved 4 feet away from the building (including the carport) for PF to complete the work. PF will be removing the siding inside the carport and to avoid damaging vehicles or personal belongings, we ask that your carport is empty during our working hours.
      • Remove all cameras and specialty/customized lighting fixtures. Security devices might need to be removed by the security provider.
      • Friendly reminder that residents are responsible for removing their belongings as needed for construction. Project First will have to back charge hourly if they are required to remove any belongings to perform the work.
  • Upcoming work:
    • Guardrails in Block 1 & 2
    • Skylights in Blocks 1 & 2 to be completed
    • Deficiency review in Block 1
    • Demolition and rot repair in Block 3
    • Review of damaged framing and sheathing to prepare for replacement

Project Staff

Engineering & Construction Administration

  • Mikhail Moore, Principal & Sr. Project Manager
  • Alexander Evseev, Chief Engineer
  • David Shi, Project Engineer
  • Mariazel Rios-Motte, Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator
D. (604) 901-5963
E. mariazel@strataengineering.ca

Execution & Construction Management

  • Richard Watt, Founder & CEO
  • Claude Bussiere, Sr. Project Manager (site supervisor)
  • Donald Sohm, Operations Manager

Sr. Project Manager
T. (778) 808-3227
E. claude@projectfirst.ca
After Hours: (778) 808-3227

Project Invoicing & Owner’s Point of Contact

  • Anders Beiermeister, Strata Agent

T. (604) 464-7548
E. abeiermeister@profile-properties.com
After Hours: (604) 464-7548



We understand that with the CoVid2019 pandemic, health and safety of all involved in this project are of utmost concern.

Project First will be taking the following precautions:

  • Workers will maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from residents at all times
  • Workers will avoid personal contact (i.e. handshakes) with residents
  • Workers will not come to site if they are symptomatic or have been out of country
  • We do not anticipate that workers will need to enter units for any reason. Any work that does require suite access will be postponed.

We ask that Terraces Residents take the following actions:

  • Keep your distance from workers
  • Communicate via email or phone with site supervisors if you have a concern
  • If workers need to enter your suite (in case of emergency leak, for example), let them know if you or anyone in your household is sick

Strata Engineering staff will carry sanitizer, maintain distance, and wear gloves and masks when we are on site for inspections.

Thank you,
Strata Engineering Inc.