Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessment. A property condition assessment is undertaken to investigate the cause of specific deficiencies within the building components. The condition assessment comprises a detailed review of plans, maintenance records and visual reviews that may be accompanied by specific tests. The property condition assessment report will also make recommendations regarding the remediation of the specific deficiencies and provide cost estimations.

Objectives. The objectives of a property condition assessment are to detect previously unknown conditions, investigation of the cause, to propose recommendations for their remediation and estimate costs.

Scope of work

  • A detailed review of building plans and maintenance record is undertaken to understand the construction of the building.
  • Inspection of the building envelope and all its components (roof, walls, window systems, doors), interior finishes, electrical/mechanical systems and accessible structural components.
  • Assessment of Fire/Life Safety and Exterior Site Features (ie: walkways, roadways, parking, landscaping, etc.).
  • Written and photographic documentation of each component with observed deficiencies.
  • A questionnaire is administered to survey building conditions.

Provide a property condition assessment report detailing the conditions of different assemblies, necessary repair work, and cost estimates.