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15 November 2017

Product Spotlight: Kryton® – A Permanent Fix to Recurring Problems

Kryton t2

Parkade cracks and leaks are a commonplace in new and old construction alike. Common repairs like epoxy have been proven to fail. One locally developed method has gained international fame in efficacy for waterproofing. A compound developed by Kryton® in Vancouver allows for the strengthening and self sealing of concrete. When exposed to water, the Kryton® product forms microcrystalline structures of long hexagonal prisms that extend through cracks and microfissures within the concrete. The crystallization process effectively seals all porous cavities, strengthening the concrete in the process. Since the Kryton® product shares similar hardening and hydration properties with concrete, both materials bond very well. Any water entering new cracks within the concrete will activate the Kryton® product, leading to more cycles of crystallization and self sealing. Hence, crack repairs with Kryton® allow for a permanent solution to leaky cracks.

Strata Engineering and some other firms have adopted this relatively new method of crack repairs due to its efficacy. We have also used Kryton® compounds for internal waterproofing to be performed on parkades with extensive deterioration; sparing the strata from expensive and disruptive methods of external membrane replacement. Internal coats of the Krypton® product offer greater flexibility as it allows for the self-sealing stemming the development of hairline cracks.